Enjoy the impressive sights

in the millennia-old cities of Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Luzern, Munich and Koblenz


Conquest two of the highest panoramic mountains

in the Swiss Alps,

by train and by cable car







Every person needs a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the return flight date. Americans, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders do not require visas if you travel to Europe and do not stay longer than 90 days within a 180-day period. All motorhome drivers require a valid driver's license. We also strongly recommend that you bring an International Driver's License. For a small fee you can get it at your local Automobile Club.


Do not bring cash with you to exchange it for Euro. The exchange rates used are very bad and you also pay high fees. You are welcome to bring Travelers Checks, but they are tied to a bank for cash exchange, which can be cumbersome. We recommend credit cards with chip and international PIN code. These can easily be used at all ATMs throughout Europe to get cash in the local currency (Germany, France, Italy and Austria in Euros, Switzerland in Swiss Francs). In this way, you also get the most advantageous conversion rates. The most common credit cards are MasterCard, American Express and Visa. Also, ask your local bank about using your debit card.


Due to the manageable dimensions of the motorhomes and the automatic transmission you are completely relaxed on the road. Driving on the Motorway, Autoroute, Autostrada or Autobahn is similar to driving on the North American Interstates. Normally we drive between 55 mph and 65 mph, which is faster than most trucks, which are usually not faster than 50 mph.

The outer right lane is for slower vehicles, the middle and left lane for overtaking. Never overtake a vehicle on the right. That is absolutely forbidden in Europe and can cause a lot of trouble and cost a lot of money.

Overland we adapt to the road conditions and enjoy the blooming landscapes. Apart from 4 sections with about 200 miles, the average distance is about 110 miles. On 15 days you don't have to sit behind the wheel at all.


Each vehicle is equipped with a navigation system. In addition, each RV is equipped with a handheld radio. And then of course we also exchange our mobile phone number so that we can be reached at any time. Please ask your provider about special rates for Europe.


Diesel prices in Europe are higher than in the USA and Canada. However, since the vehicles in Europe require significantly less diesel per mile than in North America, the costs are comparable to those at home.


As a rule, we will never be more than 6 vehicles. This guarantees a manageable and dynamic group. It also means a maximum of care quality and flexibility in special situations.


Your RV is insured for liability with unlimited coverage for personal injury, property damage and loss as well as for full vehicle collision coverage with € 1.500.- deductible per incident and € 1.500.- per comprehensive damage claim.

We recommend that you talk to your health insurer about travel insurance for Europe. Also a travel cancellation insurance and general travel insurance makes sense. Just talk to your insurance agent, he will be happy to assist you.

B) Book a flight to Frankfurt am Main and send us this flight information via so that we can pick you up at the airport, arrivals hall. We do not include airline tickets in our tours, as our guests come from all over the US and Canada and the fares vary accordingly. In addition, many guests extend their stay in Europe and travel individually. Your local travel agent will be happy to help you find the right ticket.


The tour price includes the rented motorhome, all campsite fees, all city tours and entrance fees, hotel costs, all transfers and many meals together (see itinerary). This leaves only your personal expenses for food, fuel, souvenirs and additional personal excursions on the days off.


Eating and drinking costs about the same as in North America. The prices in the restaurants may be slightly higher, but only insignificantly (except in Switzerland). In the tourist hotspots of the historic city centers, coffee can be quite expensive. The motorway tolls in France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria are included in the tour price and can be paid with and can be paid with a prepaid card provided by COMFORT ADVENTURES. There are only a few tollbooths for which you need cash (approx. US$ 30.-) per vehicle.


For our overnight stays we use only the best and most comfortable campgrounds in the respective city. All campgrounds are equipped with modern and clean wash and shower areas. Some campgrounds have a swimming pool or are by the sea. Usually you will also find a small supermarket and a restaurant. Full hookups are rare on European campsites, but they all have central dump and fresh water stations. On all campgrounds there are washing machines and of course hand basins. Laundry can be hung up and dried outside. Many campgrounds now have Wi-Fi. Some are free of charge, others are subject to a charge. In all cities, however, there are more and more restaurants or hotpots that offer this service free of charge.



We equip your RV completely. Bedding Sheets, plenty of towels, dry towels, perfect kitchen equipment, camping table and chairs, Barbecue utensils and the initial stocking of  food (according to your list) are included. You only bring your belongings, toiletries, clothes and medicine. We will take care of everything else.


Electric power in Europe is 220 Volts. In order to use the European sockets, you also need a plug-in adapter, which we provide for you.


Usually we rent taxis or our own bus to get as close as possible to the sights. Here and there we use public transport. Many sights are located in pedestrian zones, which is especially true for the ancient and medieval inner cities. Here we have to walk, often over streets with old cobblestones. Normally these distances are short, but can also include stairs. The guided city tours usually take 1-1.5 hours and are about 1-1.5 miles long.


Depending on the route, we depart between 8 and 9 am and arrive at our new destination in the late afternoon or early evening at the latest. So we still have enough time to set ourselves up and relax.


If you want to rent your RV beyond the tour, this is no problem. We will help you.

C) In addition to the ticket, you will also need a valid passport, a valid driver's license and an international driver's license, credit cards with chip and PIN. Then, of course, your personal items such as clothes, toiletries, medicines, mobile phone, etc..

(see packing list)

A) Study the detailed tour information that we will send you by email.



Of course, this list does not claim to be complete and is only intended to provide an overview.


Comfortable clothing for different climatic situations is a must. On the beaches and in the cities the temperature can sometimes be 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  In Grindelwald and on the Jungfrau as well as in St. Moritz and on the Corvatsch it will be much cooler. A sweater and a rain jacket should be included in any case. 


The same goes for the shoes. Hiking boots, sports shoes, comfortable shoes and flip flops are essential.

What else should you think of? For example ...

drivers license
credit cards plus PIN
debit cards plus PIN
vaccination card



disinfection spray

fenistil stick (after mosquito bites)

International health insurance

travel insurance

toilet bag
toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss
shaving things
nail scissors
nail file

rain shelter

sun protection
after sun lotion
sunglasses plus case
notebook plus pens

mobile phone
battery and spare battery

charger cable

USB multiplug



...and so much more...


In order to make it easier for you to shop in the mall after taking over the vehicle, we have already put the following items in your kitchen:


salt, pepper, sugar, spices, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, rice, pancake mix, maple syrup, noodles, coffee machine coffee, tea, water, milk, ketchup, mustard, cleaning rags, dishwashing liquid, lantern, torch, power adapter, umbrella, kitchen paper, toilet paper, detergent.

Please create a list of the products that we should additionally buy for you, so that everything is already on board when the vehicle is taken over.

(This is a Tour Benefit)