It was in 1994 that I organized my first 2-week trip to the USA. My then employer, Mercedes-Benz, wanted to invite 40 major customers from Europe to the World Cup in Chicago and California to accompany the German national soccer team and spend some unforgettable days in the USA.

These trips were so successful that the headquarters in Stuttgart decided to offer similar trips to Mercedes-Benz customers every year. Since then, I have successfully prepared, organized and completed countless customer trips for various large German companies (Daimler Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Telecom, Zurich Insurance, UBS and others).

Privately, I travel since the beginning of the 80s with camper vans throughout North America (where I lived for 3 years) and Western Europe.

Born in Switzerland and raised in the center of Western Europe, I have come to know and love this large and diverse continent since my youth on countless trips with motorhomes. Now I live in Germany (Koblenz) and travel from here to these fascinating countries.

I have been retired for one year and now I dedicate myself completely to my passion, traveling. It is the same passion that drives you to the streets again and again to broaden your horizon, to get to know new cultures, new people and new countries and to create space for new impressions, new insights, new knowledge and more impressive experiences and intense feelings of happiness.

Sharing these moments of happiness with others is too deeply human and therefore we do not like to travel alone. This also applies to us (me and my wife Anja). Let us show you some selected Western European highlights and you will understand why the old continent, with its different cultures and landscapes, is fascinating people from all over the world.

With COMFORT ADVENTURES you still travel individually, but never alone. Our travel group consists of a maximum of 6 guest vehicles and our leading motorhome. We are always there for you - 24 hours a day. You alone determine the degree of care. You can move freely from A to B or join our small convoy. At the end of the day we meet again at the defined destination. We take care of your wishes, your suggestions and your well-being. We are always connected via mobile phone and radio. The pre-programmed GPS leads us directly to your destination.

You don't have to worry about anything. We have organized everything perfectly, motorhomes, hotels, campsites, city tours, excursions, local guides, transfers, meals, insurance, navigation, tolls and the most exciting routes.

Benefit from our many years of experience as local guides and enjoy an exciting, varied and perfectly organized tour through Western Europe.

Discover with us thousands of years old cities, the snow covered, impressive Alps, the different landscapes, the fine sandy beaches of the Mediterranean, the unique art and architecture of Europe and last but not least the diverse culinary delights of these 5 beautiful countries.


See you soon and best regards

Joe Baumgarnter